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Dark Matter


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Title: Dark Matter

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama

First aired: 2015-06-12

Creator: Paul Mullie, Joseph Mallozzi

Cast: Melissa O'Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, Zoie Palmer

Overview: The six-person crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from stasis in the farthest reaches of space. Their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of who they are or how they got on board. The only clue to their identities is a cargo bay full of weaponry and a destination: a remote mining colony that is about to become a war zone. With no idea whose side they are on, they face a deadly decision. Will these amnesiacs turn their backs on history, or will their pasts catch up with them?

This is another clever story that compels interest and the desire to continue watching. I particularly love Zoie Palmer as the android and she plays the part perfectly. This is one of those series that you will either love or not, for me it's love and it has been a really thrilling ride following the crew of the ship they awake upon.

Like many series, this was cancelled abruptly just as the story was drawing us further in. I cannot understand the suits who pull the strings cancelling good shows that have a huge following. I know it's all about money, but people are being left in the lurch after supporting the suits and their wallets - they need to gain some understanding of how their actions affect other people.

Anyway, this is a really good series and well worth the time you will spend watching it. Give it a go and come back and tell us all what you thought of it.

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